Our new work 2014

Okay so I should start by saying that we are delighted to have received and accepted a grants for the arts bid from The Arts Council England to develop a new multi media work this year.

It’s been a strange journey this past 18 months as I have taken some time to really (and I mean really) examine my artistic practise. In all honestly I didn’t think I wanted to make dance anymore. We have been making lots of films and exploring technology that I thought I had moved away from dance. That is until I realised that all the research had a very strong dance element to it. I would continually so myself how I could integrate our new finding with dance? How can the two combine to create a marriage? And so on I went batting things back and forth.

I realised that I’m not done with dance I’m just entering a new phase in my career as a maker, and it okay! I’m interested in how different artworks can come together and create an experience that transcends that of each art for singularly.

There is one more stark revelation I’ve discovered. I’m really interested in the relationship between an performer and performance and the audience. As an audience member I hate audience participation but as an artist I crave for it! What a dichotomy.

So over the next 4-5 years this questing will be the focus of my investigation and making. I plan to make three works each developing on from the next and each exploring the link between technology and dance, the relationship between the performer and the work and the relationship between the performance and the audience.

Watch this space I guess.

One thought on “Our new work 2014

  1. Hi Wayne, this entry on your web is very heartwarming in its honesty and the way you expose your thoughts and feelings . . . I’m checking out your web as we spoke briefly at the RDDN meet last week (I’m dancer Deana from Barnsley – born in a council house in Kendray . . ) and what came across to me during the meet is your absolute and total passion and commitment for dance so the entry above is even more poignant.
    I have danced since I was two years old (started in Stairfoot . . ) and whilst at times I occassionally fall out with the “business” of dance I always come back to making my body move, helping 100s of other people’s bodies move and dance as a pure art form . . . . . and the pleasure that it gives both to me on a very personal level and to the audience who is the end user . . . . . This is a very interesting subject – I’ll be watching this space with interest!
    All the best for whatever you do, if I can help in anyway, let me know . . .
    Cheers, Deana Ballerina (my old Barnsley school nickname . . .)

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