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Dancers blog – Jo Cork

Jo Cork Blog

It’s been a full on roller-coaster over the past two weeks. I feel like we’ve come from what seemed a relatively simple concept into a whole landscape of ideas that somehow (still figuring out exactly how!) intricately defines our entire existence and purpose; why we do what we do, react the way we react, love the way we love, and ultimately live the way we live. Our explorations have taken us from superficially and, most probably- very ignorantly- written websites with patronising and meaningless advise which can either anger or humour us, depending on our mindset when we read it; thinking about our personal relationships and what they mean to us; thinking about attachment theories and why we connect with the people we do… Throw into the mix a chance mention of an expert in stone age humanity, archaeology and prehistory and two emails later suddenly the whole thing is blown wide open into a discovery about evolution, gender role development, socialisation and it’s effect on our primitive selves; we’re no longer talking about the curious phenomenon of “bonding” but are questioning who we are and why we feel the need to bond with others; what it gives us; why we feel incomplete without those attachments. Amongst the euphoria of being overwhelmed by the unforeseen and evidently massive depth of our subject matter; plaster casts, interviews with parents and expectant parents, games with eggs, endless research, offensive parenting books, underwater immersion and filming and projection have been helping us figure out the many layers of what this work may and may not be. There’s so much to explore that at the end of the day we often reveal more questions than answers: such is the luxury of research and development! Alter ego is the next in line for scrutinising- let’s see what turns up!!!

Dancers blog – Sabrina Ribes

Hi Wayne…its a bit late and my head is spinning around after thinking a lot about this days with you in the studio.
As a general thing I will say that suddenly i have more questions than answers about everything, life in general, if this make sense. Who I am? What means to live? etc.. that’s why i have been watching some videos from Alan Watts..He talks about a lot of the things that I came across and are very difficult to put in words for me. One will be the feeling of everything and nothing, nothing and everything….an awareness of timeless….an hologram,reflection of the past, present and future. I felt i was very little but infinite at the same time, part of a bigger thing that i could not control and has live of its own. I think also this relates quite well to the idea of not having control of what is happening in your own body while being pregnant. It is growing and definitely is not you. I found this whole idea very disturbing . Again for me now its a lot about what is live and what I am .Time, space and dead have become more present . Also the need of others to be able see myself.
Hope you understand a bit what I’m trying to say and where i stand, i guess for me because i miss the first week i’m in the very early stages but definitely i see this project as a duration piece that feeds of itself, in a circle and has its own life.

good night!!! xx

Wayne’s blog for our 2013 G4A


Day 1

Today was the first day in the studio, and it was the first day I had to put my theory into practice. Myself and Jo began with a catch up and chat about the development in my thinking. After warming up I set an improve to last exactly one hour, during the hour I gave instructions which Jo translated in to movement. The aim of the task was to try to physicalise the feeling that have been swelling up inside me since I discovered I was going to be a father to my second child and second daughter! We will do it every day too see if we can go beyond the obvious!

Whilst observing I developed several other ones but I am constantly barraged by images of how this piece could look, feel, smell. I have to keep pulling myself back and re remind myself that I’m not here to make a new work. I’m here to put my practise under the microscope and dissect my methods as well as research the ideas I have around creating a new piece of work about the fathers experience of the pregnancy process. But after today I have broadened it to the non child carriers experience of the pregnancy process and how one then goes about bonding with their child.

We’ve come up with some questions that I going to post on Facebook/our website as well ask the several people/groups were interviewing. If your reading this and want to help us with our research here are the questions. my email is

Questions for the not pregnant partner!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our short questionnaire, all the answers are anonymous and for research purposes only. We will not pass on any information. Please feel free to be as detailed as possible.

Sex M/F. (please circle)

Q1. How did you feel when you found out your partner was pregnant? (for each child if more than one)

Q2. What did you do to bond with your child during pregnancy?

Q3. Did you feel part of the pregnancy? How?

Q4. We’re you present at the birth? If so what was your experience?

Q5. Did you struggle to connect or bond with your child (children)? (please answer as appropriate)

If no why do you think that is?

If yes how did you form a bond?

If yes and you haven’t bonded do you know why that is?

Q6.How is your relationship with your child (children) now?

Q7. Are you the primary care provider?

Q8. Do you feel that you have a stronger/weaker/same connection to you child/children than your partner at this stage in their life?

Q.9 has that shifted over time?

Q10. Would you like to add anything else?

I have lots flying around my head as to where go but I need to keep focused! This is going to be tough!


We’re looking for new dancers

Wayne Sables Project have been successful with a recent Grants for the Arts to research a new dance theatre work. We are looking for 2 experienced dancers (1 male, 1 female), with strong contemporary technique, experience in creating physical material that is both thought provoking and challenging. You must have experience in performing in non theatre venues, and in delivering workshops with hard to reach groups and be willing to travel.

The new work will explore the experience of having a second child from a fathers perspective, from conception to pregnancy to birth.

Rehearsals will be split between The Civic, Barnsley and Yorkshire Dance Leeds. The fee is £400.00 per week. Accommodation is not provided but WSP will contribute towards travel.

To apply to audition please email your C.V and a link to your work to;

Wayne Sables