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A new theatre work in partnership with WSP

Tunnelton Productions aims to make theatre more accessible to the wider public, to take drama performances out to open air venues such as parks and festivals, to produce pieces with real meaning and benefit to local communities and to use storytelling to enhance confidence and teambuilding.

The official launch of my company ‘Tunnelton Productions’ is currently being funded and supported by the Chol Theatre ‘Chol Generation’ project, Proper Job Theatre, Somewhere to…, WSP Barnsley, Barnsley Civic and the Lawrence Batley Theatre. We are holding a showcase event at the Lawrence Batley Theatre Syngenta Cellar in Huddersfield on Tuesday 26th June at 7:45. The evening will include the performance of a one-act play ‘Failed Geek Society’, a dance act and networking session.

‘Failed Geek Society’ is a play I wrote to explore the subject of ambition and expectation. It tells the story of three friends who at school were the clever kids, always top of the class and they stuck together in order to cope with the inevitable bullying that goes along with that. They were all tipped for greatness, supported in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge and expected to become the doctors, physicists, inventors and self-made millionaires that their parents, teachers and peers already saw them as.

The play joins the three friends ten years after leaving high school. Al (named after Albert Einstein by his Mother, the psychology lecturer with a PhD) works in a call centre selling car insurance. He is bored with life and unlucky in love. He knows he could have been an astrophysicist, if only he could have been bothered. He has become lazy and uninspired by real life. Rosie is a happy-go-lucky high school science teacher. She knows she could have achieved more but she simply didn’t want to. She opted for the routine of a stable job but sometimes she wonders if she’s reached her potential a bit too early – maybe she should have taken that gap year after all. Joel is an electrician; working for himself he runs a successful small business. He started out on the path to become a computer programmer and whilst he loved the work he hated the politics of working for a corporate organisation.

Al picks up an invitation on Facebook to attend a High School Reunion. He really wants to go but can he persuade Rosie and Joel that it won’t end in complete embarrassment? What will happen when all their old schoolmates find out that they haven’t become successful after all?
Attending the reunion turns out to be just what they all needed to re-focus their lives and to realise that what actually matters are the friends that stand by you and the life you choose to create for yourself.

The play is about getting up off the sofa and making it happen, reliving childhood dreams and teenage self-consciousness, the reality of rejection when you know you have tried your best.
Written to appeal to all age groups, from teenagers, students and parents and to inspire anyone who ever had ambition and who now faces the reality of mortgages, deadlines and the school run.

Dance in Doncaster is here!

WSP, DMBC, Darts and Doncaster College have been successful in receiving funds from the arts council to run an 18month dance strategy.
WSP are leading on the youth dance element. With the funding we are setting up male youth and mixed youth dance company. The aim of both is to provide high quality training (classes) in various styles of dance throughout the year, with week long residencies (with professional choreographers and filmmakers) in the school holidays. The sessions will take place at the hub, Doncaster college until May next year when they will transfer to the new performance venue.
Throughout the summer holidays sessions will be during the day but will switch to after school in term time.
The works created will then be performed both in and out of the region.
Alongside this we are linking in with universities in Leeds to offer access routes should any of the young people want to persue a career in the arts.
We will also be offering funded dance leaders courses and opportunities for the young people to choreograph and perform with our

free dance session
Free Dance Sessions For Teens

professional company.

You know me trailer two is finally here!

“Each of us carries a room within ourselves, waiting to be furnished and peopled, and if you listen closely, you may need to silence everything in your own room, you can hear the sounds of that other room inside your head.” — Susan Sontag, In America: A Novel

You can also view all our films via our video’s page.

We would love your feedback and comments.

You know me!

“Each of us carries a room within ourselves, waiting to be furnished and peopled, and if you listen closely, you may need to silence everything in your own room, you can hear the sounds of that other room inside your head.” – Susan Sontag, In America: A Novel

A woman is trapped in a room. It contains secrets hidden deep within her past. As she explores her memories it is not long before she realises that she will be unable to escape.

This room is the room within her mind. The room’s memories are her memories and its limits, the limits of all that she can imagine. If she fails to think, the room will fail to exist.

In a self-perpetuating cycle, the more the woman tries to unearth the reason for her inability to move on from her past, the more her past envelops and consumes her…

Wayne Sables and The Civic

Wayne Sables Project, one of The Civic’s companies in residence performs their brand new piece You Know Me on 23rd November this year. Over the coming months Artistic Director Wayne Sables and Principle Dancer Jennifer Essex will be sharing secret rehearsals, blogging about their experiences and posting up behind-the-scenes images and video footage on where you will be able to witness first hand from conception to performance the creative process involved in bringing to life a piece of contemporary dance theatre here in Barnsley.

Harry Man

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Jennifer Essex – You know me – Week 1

After my first week in the studio with Wayne Sables Project I feel happy and excited. We’ve done a lot of improvisation, some devising and a good bit of writing – it’s been challenging on many fronts. We met with set designer Steve Denton, who’s already become extremely involved in the project, he was in the studio for two days, talking, sketching, even doing a bit of dancing! The work feels very collaborative.

This piece takes place in a single room. Wayne asked me to describe it and I thought I’d share what it looks like so far:

It’s dusty, smoky, so that things appear and disappear out of the haze. It smells of roses. Out of the dust and decay of lives lived buds of memory rise up. The room is my mind. Its memories my own. Its limits my imagination. This world is full of boxes, boxes of light, boxes of threads; the building blocks of the universe.
Next week we’re doing a bit of filming. Very exciting! The locations sound old and derelict and extremely special. I’ve always loved the details that can be captured on film, the small gestures that can take on enormous meaning when projected on the big screen.

Jennifer Essex – You know me – Week 2

After the first two weeks of work on “You know me” I feel exhausted and very excited about the project! The filming was great, we went to Elsecar Heritage Centre and got special permission to work in the building where the Newcomen Engine is housed. The engine is the only one left in the world on its original site. It is three stories tall and made for a pretty spectacular dancing partner.

Steve Denton has sent lots of suitcases over and I spent Friday piling them up, balancing on them, and filling them with memories.

I’m back in London this week working on Anna Karenina with Director Joe Wright. Can’t wait to be back in Doncaster Monday for more “You know me” adventures!

Jennifer Essex – You Know Me – Week 3

Being at the Doncaster Civic this week was amazing.  It’s so different to work on a raised stage.  We got a fabulous history lesson about the building too.  It was built in 1921 and was never meant to last as long as it has!  I love the maze of dressing rooms backstage – in the work we’re looking at places we travel to within our own minds – and the feeling of age and history in the rooms backstage was very inspiring for me.  We found a lot of very exciting new ideas and ways to push the material forwards this week, made another film on the spur of the moment and came away feeling confused, but excited.

Jennifer Essex – You Know Me – Week 4
Back at the Barnsley Civic this week surrounded by familiar faces.  They are all very impressed by our amazing set – thanks Steve!!  I am nervous because I want to make a work that really resonates with people.  I think about the piece pretty much all the time now and am reading a book by John Berger, which is feeding into my research.  When thinking about what the piece means and how this meaning is constructed I read this.

With his inner eye man experiences the space of his own imagination and reflection.  Normally it is within the protection of this inner space that he places, retains, cultivates, lets run wild or constructs Meaning.

At the moment of revelation when appearance and meaning become identical, the space of physics and the seer’s inner space coincide: momentarily and exceptionally the seer achieves and equality with the visible. To lose all sense of exclusion; to be at the centre.

This is what I would like to achieve with this performance; for the movement (appearance) and meaning to be identical to put the audience at the centre.  I’ve been there before as an audience member and it’s a magic place.

Be part of the 2012 olympics

Do you want to be part of the 2012 Olympics?

Then this is your chance!

Wayne Sables Project and the Barnsley/Newham partnership are planning Barnsley’s first Olympic Flash Mob.

All you need to do is come to the Civic, Barnsley S70 2HZ on July 23rd at 11-11.15 am where you will be given instructions on where we are going to meet in Barnsley Town Centre. The flash mob will take place at 12pm, all you need to do is decide on a pose which you will freeze in for 3 minutes.

We will be making a short film which will be then played during the 2012 games.

To register your interest and confirm you place email or call us on 01226 327012.

Flash mob links –

Would you also please forward this on to colleagues or students if you think they may be interested.

Best wishes

Wayne Sables
Wayne Sables Project
The Civic
S70 2HZ

WSP are delighted to announce that we have received our G4A from Arts Council England, Yorkshire to create a new dance media work for tour this autumn and spring 2012 along with a newly made version of is it me?

WSP are delighted to announce that we have received our G4A from Arts Council England, Yorkshire to create a new dance media work for tour this autumn and spring 2012 along with a newly made version of is it me?

The piece involves a solo female dancer, who is portraying the notions of being trapped in ones own memory. Through use of dance, a set including vintage props will gradually be produced creating a self-specific memory, which consequently restricts the dancer; causing an impossibility to break free. The dancer shows us being trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle when we refuse or are unable to let go. For more information email Wayne Sables at / , or search via Facebook/Twitter.

[works] 24 Hours

On March the 8th and 9th 2011. WSP are working on a new project called 24 hours. In conjunction with Doncaster Hothouse Festival join us for a crazy 24 hours in which we will make a new dance multi media work for a live audience. If you can’t join us then you can see the action by going to

There will also be updates posted on our twitter feed (Waynesables) or the Doncaster Hothouse Twitter feed (hothouse_civic)

If this is of interest you or if you can think of someone else who may be interested, please check out and share our PDF Flyer 24 hours-efyler.pdf

[Works] Our new work ’24 hours’

Wayne Sables Project and HotHouse present

24 Hours

Four artists, some technical wizardry and only 24 hours to create and perform a new dance piece for a public performance! So what happens when you bring together a choreographer, a dancer, a musician, a film-maker and some technical help to create a new work for public performance the next night?

In 24 hours – you’ll find out! With regular online updates you’ll be able to follow the story before coming to the show.

An experiment yes, a challenge definitely – join us to see the results!

Wednesday 9 March, 7pm followed by Q&A – £6