The Artist Talks Podcast

Welcome to The Artist Talks Podcast.

I love podcasts, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve always wanted to make and host my own but couldn’t decide on a topic, until now.

I’m fascinated by the artistic process. How do artists make decisions? What is their process for creating and developing work? How did they become artists? What is it like to be an artist today? and how can their experience help us create our own work?

I’ve been making my own work since 2001. I began as a dancer, then moved on to choreography before retraining in film and digital projection. Now I make films for artists, businesses and within education as well as instillations combining digital technology and dance and it still feels like i’m fresh out of uni everytime i make a new work. I love what i do and i know there’s loads more to learn. This podcast is my way to speak to some great artists and maybe learn something new. I hope you enjoy the shows as much as i have had making them.

During my research i came across Harry Meadley who has a podcast called ‘Ay Up’ where he chats to artists. Do check him out.


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