Take Wayne’s course: Editing your videos in DaVinci Resolve

By Vicky Prior 

Editing your videos in DaVinci Resolve 16/17 is a course from Wayne Sables. This is the video editing software that Wayne personally uses in his filmmaking. The course runs at just over 3 hours and is split into 49 bitesize lessons. Let’s take a look at how to get up and running with DaVinci Resolve, and then at what is included in Wayne’s course.

Buying and downloading DaVinci Resolve 16/17

Made by BlackMagicDesign, DaVinci Resolve is an exceptionally popular piece of editing software for two reasons. One, it’s genuinely good, and two, you can get it for free. The free version is rich with features, but there is a fuller version that as of 2020 was retailing for a one-off price of £235, with all future upgrades at no extra cost. The software is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Downloading is simple, just head to this page and fill out a short registration form. While DaVinci Resolve works with third party hardware, the company makes their own production suites which come with hefty price tags, partly to help make the initial software free.

Break down of lessons

Wayne’s course breaks down a complex program into bite size chunks that are easy to grasp. Each lesson looks at a different aspect of DaVinci Resolve, with longer tasks broken down into smaller parts. Each page on the user interface is examined, including the Media, Cut, Edit, Colour, Fairlight, Fusion and Delivery pages. You will then go on to look at the menu, how to add titles, reconnect media. Next stops are the use of right click and cropping, then stabilising footage, adjustment layers, fades and overlays, blur and  speed adjustment. Moving on to techniques for more experienced filmmakers, Wayne guided you through mono to stereo, green screen chroma and delta keys, then masking, mask tracking and mask moving. You’ll learn how to add subtitles, importing XML, highlighting and creative effects, including making your footage look like VHS. Next is the use of the countdown timer, multicam edit, auto detect scene cut, exporting an alpha channel, recording audio in fairlight, and a host of colour edit options, including colour grading raw footage, change colours, colour picker, apply grade to all, colour warper. Finally, Wayne teaches how to record a podcast, batch export your final film, portrait export and special techniques for editing a dance film.


Students who have taken this course say that it met their expectations. They believe it to give a good overview of how to use DaVinci Resolve. According to them, it is an excellent course for picking up the basics of the software. They appreciated that each step for how to use DaVinci Resolve is clearly shown on screen. 

To access Wayne’s course Editing your videos in DaVinci Resolve 16/17, head to Vimeo. At the time of writing, the full course costs £18.50 and is self-paced.


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