Jen Dewsnap
Chair / Pride Doncaster

Doncaster Pride Film

I have worked on a couple of projects with Wayne and can not only highly recommend him for his skills behind the lens but also for his thoughtfulness and creativity. He has the ability to work across an array of projects with different people from any background and teams this with the skills to sympathetically capture, edit and deliver excellent results. He’s easy to work with and has the great skill of putting even the very nervous at ease in front of camera so even the most sensitive subjects are handled with care and great professionalism.

Gracefool Collective

Gracefool Collective Film

It was really great working with Wayne. He made sure to combine our artistic voice with his own professional opinion, to create a result that we were both pleased with. He was really efficient and happy to make any changes we wanted, to ensure that we got a promo that we were 100% happy with.

Emma Turner
Project Coordinator / DTP

Dance Touring Partnership

Wayne worked with DTP on the pioneering Everybody Dance Now project with the remit to create a film that could act as a piece of evaluation as well as a public celebration of the project. From the outset Wayne fully understood the objectives and subtleties of how to glean evaluation material in an appropriate way when working with young people. He worked in a truly committed way, was flexible, communicative, stress free and met all deadlines. The outcome was a film that conveyed the project’s activity and scope with accuracy, clarity and interest, and was creative in its own right. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Eleanor French
Altogether 4 Autism

Altogether 4 Autism Film

Wayne worked with Altogether 4 Autism to produce a short film about the member’s life experiences with autism – “The hidden Disability”

From the beginning he quickly gained the confidence and respect of the group and through his sensitivity and professionalism was able to generate and sustain a huge amount of enthusiasm and commitment in the project.

Wayne fully involved the group in the planning process for the film. This gave them ownership of the structure and content. This ensured that the finished film was a true statement. He worked with the group to ensure that what they wanted to say was presented in a clear and honest and positive way.

He was able to give the members the encouragement and space to make the best contribution they were able to. We feel that it was his ability to work with people across a wide range of skill and ability that was key factor in the success of the project.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to the skills required to produce a film and the involvement in interviewing the autism professionals included in the film has helped to boost their confidence and sense of achievement.

Wayne has helped the group to produce a very professional and moving film which the group is very proud of and which they feel has given them a voice.
The film was shown to a large and very receptive and appreciative audience at the VUE Cinema in Doncaster which was attended by the Mayor.

Tracy Witney
Learning and Participation Manager / Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Norther School Of Contemporary Dance

I approached Wayne Sables because as a professionally trained dancer I knew Wayne would be able to capture the dynamism and artistic quality of the work that we deliver here at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Both our film ‘Ten’ and his short class films were created to market our classes and to be a focal point on our new website.

Wayne is highly reliable, flexible and extremely easy to work with, he is clear in his direction of the films and makes you feel at ease when being interviewed. The quality of the work he has produced works effectively in many formats from our website through to youtube and on screen, meaning that we have ease of access across platforms.

We look forward to working with Wayne again on future productions.

Carlos Pons Guerra
Artistic Director / DeNada Dance Theatre

DeNada Dance Theatre

Wayne’s knowledge of dance, his creativity and original approaches make him a great person to work with. he is an active member of the filming process, full of suggestions and ready to help take the work in new, exciting directions. The film work he produces has character, mood, is inventive, and also full represents what my choreography is about, but manages to amplify and emphasise what makes it distinct. It is a real pleasure working with him, as a professional and person, both in the studio and in the editin process, and I feel very confident and safe when Wayne is onboard our projects.

Jo Wilkinson

Creativity for Change

It has been a pleasure to work with WSP over the last 6 years. Not only do they pride themselves in delivering high quality workshops across communities, they really care about the lasting impact they have on the participants. Here’s to another 6 successful years!