Video editing on your iPad with DaVinci Resolve

By Wayne Sables

There are lots of apps available on the iPad for editing videos. But which do you choose? Do you go by the reviews? Choose the first one that comes up when you search? What happens then, you spend hours learning to use the app or you trawl YouTube looking for the right video, wait for the adverts to finish only to find it doesn’t answer your question. 

I have your solution, DaVinci Resolve for the iPad is a professional grade editing propgramme that enables you to edit and colour grade your videos, unleashing your creative powers. Even better, the free version is absolutely fantastic and will be sufficient for most users. You get full creative controls of your videos from importing them to editing them in the cut page. Where you can round trip to the colour page to put the finishing touches and really make those videos pop.

The things I really like about DaVinci resolve for the iPad is how it mirrors the interface for the desktop and laptop version. Furthermore if you have the paid version which is a £84.99, you can then work seamlessly between the studio version on your computer and the iPad version.

Before move on let’s have a quick chat about the price £84.99 is expensive for an app but that’s where the problem lies. This is not just an app for the iPad is a pro level editing app. When you compare it to the desktop version which is around £350 its suddenly not that expensive. What Apple are doing with the iPad Pro is there redefining our thought process and how we use an iPad. with a new M1 and M2 iPads they have become professional level hybrid computers. As I mentioned earlier, there is a very competent free version that most people will never outgrow. The paid version is really aimed at professional editors that want to integrate the iPad into their editing, workflow and switch seamlessly between the laptop or desktop and the iPad.

Additionally, there are some hidden features that can be unlocked in the settings that give you extra functionality and direct the mirror the laptop or desktop version. This elevate is it from being just another iPad app where you can edit video to fully complete video editing system that uses your iPad.

Because it’s a professional level editing and colour grading system there is quite a steep learning curve if you’re coming to video editing for the first time. I have created a fully comprehensive online tutorial series specifically designed to teach you how to edit and colour grading your videos. 

As of the time of writing this, because my course has just launched, it’.A Blackmagic add more features to the software I will be developing more tutorials.

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